Upholstery Cleaning Services

You do not need to spend a lot of money and cause inconvenience to yourselves replacing your carpet with a new one – just call our Carpet Cleaners in UAE  and they will give a new life to your old carpet. Carpets are often crammed with different types of dirt such as dust, hairs, mud, food leftovers, liquids and many other visible or invisibles particles, microbes and bacteria. After several cleaning stages:

Dry vacuum cleaning

Spraying with a carpet cleaning pre-spray which removes dirt and soil

Removing stubborn stains

Special treatment of traffic area etc.

Basic cleaning with powerful machines



Curtain cleaning!

Your curtains collect all the dust and bad smells such a cigarette ash? We can restore the shine and the brightness of your room without even removing the curtains from the railings. It is pleasure for us to respond and to help you with providing our best curtain cleaners at the lowest prices Mattress cleaning!

Clean your mattresses to enjoy your sleep. We are doing mattress cleaning of all sides of the mattress using advanced methods and solutions.

Car upholstery cleaning! 

Ultimo  Cleaning can clean your car seats quickly and efficiently. We do clean the car upholstery wherever is convenience for you. With our powerful advanced machines and trained cleaners we would make miracles in your car. After removing stains from the upholstery you will find the car interior cleaner, refreshed and deodorized.

Our technicians will remove every particle and microbe. We take care not only for cleaning the carpet but for returning its strength and color.

We recommend a regular cleaning of your carpet because this helps avoiding allergic reactions caused by the billions of particles stuck deep in your carpet. This is very important especially with regard to kids and when you keep pets.

Ultimo Cleaning Service LLC offer best prices on the market.

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