Dry Ice Blast Cleaning

We are a leading specialist dry ice blasting company, established nearly 1 year ago, and carry out a vast range of cleaning applications.
Dry ice cleaning is a much more suitable alternative to traditional sandblasting and shot blasting methods, that is messy and abrasive and banned from certain restoration processes. This process has become the preferred method of paint removal from oak beams, as it does not damage the wood, and leaves tool marks/ritual marks intact, and allows us to sympathetically blast timbers that have suffered from woodworm damage. Cleaning, or stripping the beams then allows the timbers to have effective woodworm treatment applied, to ensure the longevity of the wood.
We are a specialist dry ice blasting company based in Dubai, but we cover all UAE, the Home Counties, and many more areas. We are a mobile blasting company. We offer both RESIDENTIAL and COMMERCIAL services. We have recently undertaken several projects on grade 1 listed and grade 2 star listed properties.
The carbon dioxide is environmentally friendly, as it is a bi-product of an alternative manufacturing process and is recycled. By using solid CO2, no extra cleaning medium is added to the cleaning process, and all that remains is the containment being removed.
Dry Ice Blasting is perfectly safe around electric wiring and pipework. Please look at some more pictures on our process page. We are also able to offer poultice cleaning, which is suitable for paint removal from softwoods such as pine doors, and delicate surfaces and spindles and bannisters, as well as also removing paint from oak beams

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