Carpet Cleaning Services

An integral part of maintaining a healthy home or office environment is to ensure the carpets are clean. It is a wrong perception to think only heavily soiled carpets require professional carpet cleaning service.
Carpets inhibit unthinkable amount of soil, dust and allergens including micro-organisms, dust, dust mites, mound and fungi allergens that enter the indoor environment. Vacuuming alone would only remove the surface dirt. It is not effective in removing micro-organisms and dirt that are embedded within the carpet as well as spills and stains in the carpet.
At Ultimo Cleaning Service, we provide clients with our Professional Carpet Cleaning Services for your home of office. We understand that your carpets may be a significant investment and that is why we give extra care to ensure that not only are your carpets clean and rid of dirt and unhealthy allergens, but they are also not damaged during the cleaning process. Our carpet cleaning machines incorporate the latest carpet cleaning technology and are manufactured in Europe.


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